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Ice is Cool. Seriously.

Let’s face it. Ice is cool, and it really adds a special touch to your chilled beverages. The best mixologists can produce great cocktails, but if the ice is soft, watery or off-tasting, their skill is for naught. High-quality ice takes your drinks to another level. But that’s not all it’s good for.

Have you ever thought about how exciting ice can be? With Hoshizaki ice makers, there are five different specialty shapes of ice that cater to your specific entertaining needs: crescent cube, square cube, flaked, top hat, and pellet. Being well-informed on the ice varieties will help you choose the best type of ice for your beverages, food displays, or special events.

Square, Flaked, Pellet, Crescent and Top Hat Ice Cubes


This type of ice is aptly named for it’s half-moon shape. Due to it’s unique crescent, liquid easily flows over it and keeps the ice from packing together. Not only does this result in less splash and better displacement within your beverages, it allows for maximum ice bin storage. Crescent ice is great in most settings, especially if you are worried about your drink splashing out of a glass when poured. Enjoy sipped beverages like tea, fruit juice and iced coffee, as the high surface area allows for rapid chilling and low dilution.

Square Cubes

Square cubes are by far the most common shape. The cube is just right for any drink, and the large surface area helps drinks to cool quickly. You’ll find they’re an excellent choice for spirits served on the rocks and shaken cocktails, as they are slow to melt.


Flaked is the ideal ice type for making blended, frozen drinks and smoothies as the ice is soft, flaky and easier to blend. Hosting an event? What better way to preserve food on display, such as seafood, meat, and produce. Flaked ice maintains the hydration of the food consistently for long periods of time. For this reason, it is also a great choice for transporting perishable food.

Top Hat

Shaped like a small shot glass, this crystal-clear ice has a very beautiful look to it, which is what makes it so attractive for special events and wet bars. Top hat ice cubes have a unique shape, and don’t dilute the flavor of your drink. This makes it perfect for alcoholic beverages and punches that will be sipped slowly.


Pellet ice is soft, chewy, and great for food service; you have likely enjoyed it at your favorite drive-in restaurant. When crafting mixed beverages with this ice, the drink will keep its flavor well. The nuggets tend to not stick together and are slow to melt. Pellet ice is also popular in salad bars and banquet displays to keep food cool.

Each type of ice has its own particular use. For drinks, you will want to choose something that is slow-melting and avoids diluting the flavor of your beverage. When cooling or displaying food, choose a type of ice that melts slowly and helps to preserve the hydration of whatever you are transporting, storing, or displaying. Understanding the difference between the ice shapes and types should help you to better use them to their maximum potential.

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