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Keep Your Granite Countertops Fresh and Clean

granite countertopsGranite countertops are beautiful, stylish, highly scratch resistant, and bacteria resistant. Does that last one surprise you? By taking good care of your countertops, you’ll not only keep them looking new but also sanitary.

Reseal regularly

Your countertops were probably sealed when they were installed, but it’s best to reseal them every six months to a year. You can find these sealants at any home improvement store.

Keeping your granite countertops clean will ensure that they remain bacteria resistant.

Keep your countertops scratch-free

Never use anything on your Granite Countertop that could leave any kind of scratch. This includes those “magic sponges” that usually have mild abrasives in them. I recommend mixing a little dish detergent and warm water to clean the countertops. Then give the surface a thorough rinse and dry with microfiber cloths.

Clean up as you go

Some spills, like coffee, sodas, and vinegar can harm granite countertops. Use soapy water and a soft rag to wipe spills immediately and not allow them to sit. If a spill becomes a stain, don’t give up hope. And never underestimate the power of baking soda! Add water to turn it into a paste, then let it sit overnight. The stain will often wipe right up.

Follow these tips to keep your kitchen sparkling clean and ready to impress throughout the holiday season and beyond!