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“Ok Google, talk to Jenn-Air…”

Between family, work, and social engagements, we know you’ve got your hands full. By equipping your kitchen with Jenn-Air® luxury appliances, Google will become your personal assistant, even when you’re away from home. Need to pre-heat the oven while you finish grocery shopping? Just tell Google. Want to check if your roast is done without leaving your company alone on the patio? Just ask Google. The Google Assistant joins Amazon’s Alexa and Jenn-Air’s® iOS and Android wall oven apps to control many essential functions of these smart appliances. The brand’s sleek Connected Wall Ovens can connect with Nest Learning Thermostats to synchronize and keep your kitchen temperatures comfortable while dinner is cooking, and even alert you if an oven has been left on when Nest detects that you are away from home.

The unique Jenn-Air® Culinary Center is a highly interactive, image-driven system. It uses the oven’s advanced cooking system, a series of precise algorithms, and chef-tested cooking programs to give cooks the ultimate control in achieving desired results. Convenient remote operations include preheating the oven, setting the timer, adjusting oven temperature and cooking modes, turning the oven light on/ off and setting vacation mode. The Jenn-Air® “My Creations” function allows users to seamlessly combine up to three cooking modes and save the settings for favorite recipes.

Rediscover the joy of cooking with a Jenn-Air® Connected Wall Oven. Their advanced cooking systems will gift you ease in the kitchen so you can focus your attention elsewhere, like the people you’re with.

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